Product Properties:

Polyester (PET) straps are used in light and medium-strong packaging applications however It can reach high strength when necessary and it guarantees reliabity. They are economical, price competitive and best quality and also 100% recyclable & eco-friendly. Polyester (PET) straps  are alternative to steel straps because they are resistant and stainless and never leave rust, dirt and stains on the product. They are very safe which causes minimal risks for work accidents. We are able to produce in different sizes. Polyester (PET) straps are appropriate for all sectors that requires medium strength and lightweight such as printing industry, electrical material industry, ceramics and tiles, foodstuff and etc.,

  • is the one, which can resist the highest tensile strength.
  • is used in medium and high strenght packing operations.
  • ensures a constant tension at every stage of the packing process. Therefore, it ensures the absolute safety conditions during transport.
  • is subject to shrinkage or expansion of the load during transport enables better gripping.
  • Thanks to the excellent elongation and contraction properties after the sudden expansion and extention is ideal for long-term deliveries.
  • with minimal consumption provides the highest strength and most efficient strapping.
  • is alternative to steel strapping because of its fixed strapping of tension and very good resistance
  • does not leave dirt on the product. It is stainless and not rot. It does not damage the product by corroding it.
  • does not get affected by weather conditions or solar radiation (UV). is resistant to impact.
  • ensures maximum ease of use for the handler with a light and flexiable structure. is economic.
  • do not have sharp edges that can cause injury and hazards constitute physical injury, such as when connection and solving safety level is maximum.
  • is an enviromentally friendly and competely recyclable.
  • Polyester strappings can be used in Canning industry, beverage industry, marble industry, automotive parts, foodstuffs, liquid oils, industrial oils, vinegar manufacturers, pharmaceutical and shampoos, electrical material-cable, stationery and printing, paint industry, ceramics and tiles, textile industry ext…

Technical Information:

Application Type Product Code Width x Thickness Core Diameter Coil Measurment Breaking Strength
PET12622 12x0,60 Ø 406 mm 2200 230,00
PET12720 12x0,70 Ø 406 mm 2000 275,00
PET16617 16x0,60 Ø 406 mm 1700 345,00
PET16714 16x0,70 Ø 406 mm 1400 400,00
PET16911 16x0,90 Ø 406 mm 1100 450,00
PET16110 16x1 Ø 406 mm 1000 500,00
PET19810 19x0,80 Ø 406 mm 1000 600,00
PET19110 19x1 Ø 406 mm 1000 700,00

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