We care about quality production.

We are able to produce high volume of products in our 5000sqm plant. Beside producing Poliester (PET), Polypropylene (PP), Composite and Hot-melt strapping, we have just started to produce wire buckles in our own plant as well. We offer the goods to our customers after we test them with our latest technology testing machines. We are advantageous in cost and time, thanks to our location (10 km away from Petkim that is raw material manufacturer and Aliaga harbour)


Devoted, reliable and consistent.

Tanpak Packaging is a shareholder of Guven Plastic company whose history dates back to 50 years in plastic sector. Tanpak took its place in packaging sector with the help and experience of Guven plastic which is leader company  in producing and exporting hoses, plastic pipes and irrigation systems. 


We are aware of our responsibilities towards new generations.

Our company that serves to plastic sector is not only a quality maufacturer but also an ecomentalist. Our sector needs high caution and so we pay attention to wastes to lower them as much as we can. We work so hard to recycle all the merchandise, semi-finished goods and raw materials that we use. Correspondingly, we are so careful to use all energy and natural sources efficiently.


We are globalising with our high quality products and reasonable prices.

Tanpak Packaging is well-known brand in strapping sector both in Turkey and also internationally. Tanpak Packaging which has reached 23 countries up to now from Far East to South America & North Africa to all Europe, keeps on exporting goods. Beside visiting our customers all around the world we will continue attending all important exhibitions globally.