Product Properties:

Polypropylene (PP) straps are used in medium-strong and strong packing operations which can resist the highest straining. They ensure a constant tension at every stage of the packing process that enables transportation completely safe. Thanks to their flexibility, they enable better holding thus they are ideal for long-term deliveries. These straps do not damage product because they are light and flexible and they never cause injury to users as they don’t have any sharp edges. They are completely recyclable & eco-friendly. Polypropylene (PP) straps can be used in canning industry, beverage industry, marble industry, automotive parts, foodstuff, liquid oil, vinegar, pharmaceutical, shampoos, electrical material-cable, stationery, printing industry, ceramic&tiles, textile industry and etc.,

  • Has 100% high strength industrial polyester yarn inside, which is coated withpolyproplene raw material
  • The strengh of the Polyester cord strap depends on the number of polyester yarn inside and their thickness.
  • is designed to connect the fixed and moving of heavy loads. It is a high resistance packing product
  • has features of elongation and elastic memory properties. It keeps the surface of the strap tight and does not loose.
  • Thanks to the characteristics of being rigid, Polyester Cord Strapping can go underneath pallets, loads easyly during use.
  • is produced from elastic and flexible material. Because of that, it does not scratch the surface of the pallets or the goods, does not damage the corners of the pallets, and it is stainless; therefore, the product does not stain during use.
  • is light, elastic and safe to use. It does not require gloves and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • absorbs the force of impact and bumbs during transport and doesnt break off.
  • resists to all weather conditions, it retains its shape and tension. It resists to Heat, sunlight (UV) and moisture. (Heat resistance range: -5 ° C / 120 ° C)
  • Polyester cord strapping is the most preferred types of plastic strapping for heavy loads and pallet packaging.
  • It is prefered mainly in application when there is much resistance and safety required
  • Thanks to its high tenesity polyester yarn inside, it has resistance and tolerance to sudden impacts and breaking.
  • It is used in marble industry, glass industry, steel industry ext...

Technical Information:

Application Type Product Code Width x Thickness Core Diameter Coil Measurment Breaking Strength
PP25540 5x0,50 Ø 200 mm 4000 70,00
PP25565 5x0,50 Ø 200 mm 6500 70,00
PP26630 6x0,60 Ø 200 mm 3000 100,00
PP26650 6x0,60 Ø 200 mm 5000 100,00
PP27650 7x0,60 Ø 200 mm 5000 115,00
PP28628 8x0,60 Ø 200 mm 2800 130,00
PP28640 8x0,60 Ø 200 mm 4000 130,00
PP29627 9x0,60 Ø 200 mm 2700 150,00
PP29635 9x0,60 Ø 200 mm 3500 150,00
PP21630 10x0,60 Ø 200 mm 3000 160,00
PP212630 12x0,60 Ø 200 mm 3000 200,00
PP412625 12x0,60 Ø 406 mm 2500 200,00
PP412725 12x0,70 Ø 406mm 2500 240,00
PP212820 12x0,80 Ø 200mm 2000 270,00
PP412820 12x0,80 Ø 406mm 2000 270,00
PP214618 14x0,60 Ø 200mm 1800 230,00
PP414618 14x0,60 Ø 406mm 1800 230,00
PP214816 14x0,80 Ø 200mm 1600 310,00
PP414816 14x0,80 Ø 406mm 1600 310,00
PP416814 16x0,80 Ø 406 mm 1400 350,00

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